Chasing Ironies


Posted on: August 13, 2009

This just broke my heart.

Hachi is an Akita owned by a Japanese Professor. Every morning, he would watch his master leave for work from the front door, then wait for him at the train station when he comes home. One night, the professor was not on the train–he had suffered a stroke and never made it home.

For 10 years, Hachi continued to wait for him, every night at the train station, until his own death.

This dog’s loyalty amazes me. I’m watching this movie, even if it means I’ll be crying my eyes out in the moviehouse. Trailer pa lang, naiiyak na ko, hehehe.

You can watch the English trailer here.


Today I feel, unnaturally calm. And lonely.

Darling, are we hitting the highway soon?


Posted on: June 26, 2009

I grew up listening to Michael Jackson. My dad and aunties were huge fans. I remember them renting VHS tapes of Michael Jackson’s videos and concerts and us watching it while munching on chips.


I remember being creeped out by Thriller and Smooth Criminal, loving Billy Jean, and singing along to Black or White.

Even my little brother and sister, who were both born years after MJ was swarmed with controversies, loved the King of Pop. They’d watch the DVD of his MTVs every morning. At 8am, our TV would be blaring songs like Beat It, Remember The Time, and Heal The World.

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I LOVE Photobooths, but this one’s the best of them all. 😀

I tried Wordle on my blog. Here’s what came out.


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No explanation needed. LOL-ing at you, though. 😀

I loved Darla in “The Little Rascals” movie.  She was the love interest of Alfalfa. I find her sooo adorable and sweet looking. 🙂




The girl who played the part is Brittany Ashton Holmes. When the movie was released in 1994, she was only five years old. I did some web surfing, wondering how she looks now.

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