Chasing Ironies

Of Lynch And Nightmares

Posted on: September 4, 2008

A few weeks ago, my boss sent me a link to this list site called The List Universe. We create and write our own top ten sites so we were all interested in these. The site featured a top ten list of the ten most bizarre videos found on the Internet (youtube, google).

This went all the way to number one.

Creepy, yes. After watching this I never looked at The Alphabet Song the same way.

This short was made by David Lynch, the famous Academy Award nominated director, producer, screenwriter, painter, composer, cartoonist and performance artist. It was shot back in 1968, and is one of his earliest short works. According to the List Universe, this is “nightmare material”. Lynch based the concept on his then girlfriend Peggy’s niece’s dream…er, nightmare.

Enough about Lynch.

Funny, I thought. I’ve stopped having nightmares a long time ago. The last was way back in high school—after watching Sadako come out of the TV. I slept late that night, in the living room by myself. I remember the unpleasant sensation. You’re half-awake, yet you’re paralyzed. You can’t scream. You can’t move. All you can do is will for your body to wake… And you fear what’ll happen if you don’t.

Thankfully I woke up. The nightmare ended.

I wonder if Peggy’s niece felt the same way I did when she was having this kind of nightmare?


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