Chasing Ironies

Gigil mode.

Posted on: September 11, 2008

After weeks of sweet-talking, persuading, arguing and making tampo-tampo (on my part, hahaha), Caloy finally shaved off his precious goatee.

Him: Ampanget.

Me: ‘Di noh.

I meant it. He looked sooo HOT. Totoy-hot. Hahahaha. No, really. He could pass as a 20-year old. Even younger than me.

i stole this off his Friendster. hahaha. that's what he looks like now (except for the shades).

i stole this from his Friendster. hahaha.


this one too. 🙂


and this. 🙂

He looks like that now.

And yes, I want to pounce on him. Like any normal girlfriend wants to.

Halayan na ito. Rawr.

(Gawd, I HATE it when I’m so promiscuous. Pero hanggang blog lang ‘to. Hahaha. 😀 )


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