Chasing Ironies


Posted on: September 19, 2008

My daddy has always been the pa-cool, pa-bagets type. It’s not bad or embarrassing, but when his car stereo would blast off songs from Spongecola (yes, Spongecola!!), Cueshe (wtf?) and Hale (there you go 🙂 hahaha ) you can’t help but feel a bit weirded out. He also becomes so engrossed playing PSP, that communicating with him takes a lot of effort (Me: DADDY! Si Choi-choi lumabas!). It’s like I want to cry out exasperatedly “Dad… please act your age.” 😀

On top of all that, he has a Friendster account.

When he first added me to his friends’ list, I rolled my eyes, snickering at his attempts to be a “coolio daddy”. I’d view his friends, his comments and his “pa-cool” profile. I’d laugh out loud. My daddy, trying to meet his kids halfway. I guess he’s trying to experience world from our point of view.

That's him. My bagets daddy-o.

That's him. My bagets daddy-o.

I’d check his Friendster profile every now and then. Comments, new friends, et cetera. Then one time, I noticed he added a few pictures to his page. So I checked it out.


That’s us. My pictures, my sisters and brother’s pictures, my mom and him. Our family, there on his profile.


I've never appreciated how pretty this photo is until now. 🙂

I found it very touching. Very heartwarming. Just goes to show how much he treasures us.

Anyway, I’m going to stop caring whether he’s pa-cool or what. He loves us. And that thought alone makes all his pa-bagets acceptable (or is it excusable? :D) And no matter how many Friendster, MySpace, Multiply or HiFive profiles he’ll put up, I’ll always be proud of him.

One happy family. As in.

One happy family. As in.

Love ya daddy. Pasalubong ha. Hahaha.


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