Chasing Ironies

Random conversations

Posted on: September 24, 2008

I love how we talk when it’s just the two of us.

Date: Sometime in August
Location: Office – Through YM
Mood: Dreamy

Me: Punta tayo Sagada.
Him: Dapat madami tayo para hindi magastos.
Me: Sino naman sasama natin?
Him: Ewan ko.
Me: Gusto ko pumunta Sagada
Me: at makakita ng wild horse!
Him: Tsaka na.
Me: Sige ka pag nagpunta tayo dun wala na sila.
Him: Dapat nga madami tayo.
Me: Bakit kailangan madami tayo?
Me: Hindi pa ba ako sapat?
Him: Bakit, wild horse ka ba?
Me: Eh?
Him: Wild pig, pwede pa.
Me: (laughing)

Date: Early September
Location: LRT 1 station – Tayuman
Mood: Moody-dysmennorhea attack

Him: (babbling nonsense jokes to make me feel better)
Me: (in pain)
Him: (Cheerful) How do you make an eggplant?
Me: Pano?
Him: You take an egg…
Him: Then put it in a plant!
Me: Kornyyyyy. (but laughing like mad.)

Date: July- August – September
Location: YM, LRT stations, restaurants
Mood: Mushy-mushy, pa-sweet and pa-lambing

Me: Cuddle mo ko.
Me: (giggling) Ehhhhhh!!!
Me: Cuddle mo ko!
Me: Naman e!!!

Silly, yes, but hey, works for me. 😀

My favorite, so far, is this:

Hahahaha. 😀


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