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Caloy is rarely mushy. All of my past loves were made of mushiness, so you can just imagine how much I have to adjust. I never got a sweet love quote text message from him, or a love letter. He isn’t the type who’d tell me he missed me, or the type who’ll deliver lines like “I’ll do everything for you”. Heck, we don’t even have sweet pet names for each other. And he isn’t a hand-holder. He’d rather put his arm around my shoulder or around my waist (which I like, but don’t tell him. Hihi).

I don’t complain though, because he shows me how much he loves me in his own way.

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My sister, Eka, introduced me to Gossip Girl sometime last year. After watching a few scenes, I scoffed, saying that it’s just another one of them immature, highschool-ish shows, with characters who’ve got nothing in mind but getting laid.


Three days later, I was glued to the TV having a GG marathon. I was hooked. Hey, it’s pretty good. It IS highschool-ish and immature, but it’s entertaining. So sue me.


And Ed Westwick/Chuck Bass issss hot. 😀

Yep. Me likey-likey.

Of course, TV5 (formerly ABC5) had to ruin it for me, by coming up with this:

This is Lipgloss, the supposed ripoff, Pinoy version of Gossip Girl. I cringed after watching this. Ugh.

I know, I know. Tangkilikin ang sariling atin. But for crying out louuuuuuud. This one, I can’t.

And yes, I also managed to watched one episode.  Just one. It’s pain-inducing.

See for yourself.

FAIL. TV5, you FAIL.