Chasing Ironies

My Weekend, Bulleted.

Posted on: March 11, 2009

(Been meaning to post this on Monday, but had to do things. Loooooooooooser.)

  • Watched Watchmen last Friday. Long. Bloody. Gruesome. Good in my opinion, even though critics say it missed the good points of the comics (giant squid, eh?). Now I don’t know if I’m lucky or not to not have read the comics. Caloy gave me a softcopy; will finish reading it later, and make my own comparison.


  • I liked Rorschach and his morphing inkblot face. He shouldn’t have died. I also liked The Comedian.

You asshole! You were awesome, though.

  • Dr. Manhattan is mildly interesting, but because his willie is like, dangling, for at least 3/4 of the movie, I had to laugh at him instead.


  • Goodbye, Master Rapper: The only sad note during this weekend: Francis Magalona, The King of Pinoy Rap, passed away due to acute myeloid leukemia.

Your legacy will continue, FrancisM. Mahal ka ng noypi.

Sadness. 😦



  • Eheads Live! The Final Set. We didn’t see the first reunion concert, but we promised that if a second one happens, we won’t miss it for the world. And we didn’t.

This is where 300 pesos brought us.

  • We were cheapskates so we bought the 300php tickets. Was there at 6:00pm, show started at a little past 8:00pm. By that time my feet were killing me. Oh, well. The show was fab though. Worth it. 🙂


  • The Alphabet countdown. Cool. People realized that counting backwards is easier than reciting the alphabet backwards. (Z, Y, X, V..ay W!..V..)
  • The opening (of course), Magasin.
  • Marcus Adoro’s rendition of Huwag Mo Nang Itanong (Panalo!)
  • Pare Ko, acoustic. Personal fave. Hihi.
  • Maling Akala, Back 2 Me (Wiwiwiiiiiii. Hee.), Overdrive, Minsan, Spolarium…
  • The band’s tribute to FrancisM. Ely sang Superproxy, which the band was suppose to perform with the Master Rapper. They also performed a reprise of Kaleidoscope World.
  • The final song, Huling El Bimbo. Complete with fireworks and Ely setting the iconic Eraserheads piano (the one on their 1997 Sticker Happy album) on fire. Very dramatic. I bet hundreds of Eheads fans were howling or bursting into tears while this was happening).
  • Oh, and the band performed three bonus songs (“for the road,” said Ely) after the show. Ligaya, Sembreak, and Toyang. Amazing, amazing. 🙂

Personal Highlight:

  • Seeing the boyfriend jump, laugh, squeal, hoot and raise his hands in excitement. And yes, he was singing along to every song. Fanboy, he is!
rock on.:P

rock on. 😛

Overall, wunderful weekend. 😉 Looking forward to more now that it’s summer.


3 Responses to "My Weekend, Bulleted."

Isa rin sa faves ko yung rendition ng Pare Ko. Dun ako naiyak at hindi sa El Bimbo. Masyado kasi akong na-involve sa fireworks. Hahaha. 😀

At natulog ako sa Watchmen so I need to watch it again. I’m glad you were able to appreciate it even without having read the book yet. Haha.

“Sabi nya ayaw nya muna mag asawa, dehins ako naniwala. Yun pala, magaling na sya sa kama. Akala ko ay dehins pa.” – Kahit na masakit na paa ko, tumawa ako dito. Tsaka masarap magmura pag kinakanta yung Pare Ko. “Diba, TAAAAANGINAA!” Haha. 😀

Watch Watchmen again! Kasama si Marvin, syempre. 😀 Hindi naman ako nakatulog sa sine, nakakadistract kasi si Dr. Manhattan. Andami dami nya. Naka-dangle pa yung…. Nyahaha.

Hahaha, oo natawa ako sa part na yan ng Pare Ko. Tsaka syempre yung sa Ligaya sa Three for the Road…”Gagawin ko ang lahat pati ang misis mo..” Hahaha! Ang witty ni Ely! Hahaha.

Oo nga nakakadistract si Dr. Manhattan pero infairness hindi siya nakakabastos. Hahahaha. 😀

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