Chasing Ironies

These Boots are Made For Flaunting

Posted on: March 24, 2009

I don’t like boots, though I’ve been told they’d look cute with the mini skirts  I USED (emphasis on the word, because dear boyfriend has banned me from wearing short skirts) to wear. Personally, I thought boots are too Western-y. With the climate here, my feet’ll probably be swimming in sweat from the leather’s snug fit. And imagine wearing boots while riding the–MRT. They’ll get stomped on and ruined. Gah.

Still, the moment I saw these boots, can’t help but drool over them:


Maison Martin Margiela Tall Cut-Out Boots. Drool, drool, drooool.

I ADORE them. The knee high leather  looks so sleek, and those stiletto heels are sooo sexy. What I love though, are the rounded-toes, and the cut out part.  The boots expose the feet in a chic, flattering way.


Boots that show skin. Vavavoom.

I won’t be getting a pair anytime soon, though. They cost £545.00.  More than 38K, in PHp. For a pair of boots. Even I’m not that crazy.

Still… *Sniff, sniff.

Sadness. 😦

Check out more details here.


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