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I spent last Holy Week away from home. A first, since I always spend it with my family, going to Bisita Iglesia and hearing Mass. But I don’t feel like staying home, because 1) it’s hot, 2) it’s crowded, and not in a good way 3) I want to go to the beach. So when the boyfriend asked me if I would like to come with him to Alaminos, I said “YES!” without thinking twice.


To be honest, I’ve fallen completely in love with the place.

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Posted on: April 14, 2009


I didn’t mention you guys in that Facebook meme I did a few weeks ago.

You should have been there. If there’s anyone I would have wanted to say mushy words about, it would have been you guys.

Strange how time flies. When we were kids they couldn’t tear us away from each other. We’ll be playing, laughing, and having fun all day long. Whether we’re eating junk food, watching a stupid cartoon on TV, or running around in the sun (or even rain), it’ll be exhilarating. Days were never boring. Not with you.

Of course we fight. Over Barbie Dolls, and who gets to play which Power Ranger character. But we make up. That’s what friends do.

Our lives used to revolve around them. Hee.

Our lives used to revolve around them. Hee.

Ah. Those were the days.

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Luggage. I just realized my sister brings all of our travel bags to Los Banos and the ones left are much too small for my stuff. Am planning to go to Alaminos again next week and I need a big-but-not-too-big luggage to carry my stuff. Should go look at some tomorrow. I want something thats not-so-big big and colorful. And I’m gonna be selfish, I’ll keep that bag to miself.

Bought one last year, but you know, you can never have too many. The cute, green La Senza one Tita Tetch gave me is a bit too big because I don’t have boobage. I’m scared it’ll fall off. Idonotwantanothernippleexposureonthebeachagain, thank you very much. Eek.

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