Chasing Ironies

I Want, Want, WANT

Posted on: April 3, 2009


Luggage. I just realized my sister brings all of our travel bags to Los Banos and the ones left are much too small for my stuff. Am planning to go to Alaminos again next week and I need a big-but-not-too-big luggage to carry my stuff. Should go look at some tomorrow. I want something thats not-so-big big and colorful. And I’m gonna be selfish, I’ll keep that bag to miself.

Bought one last year, but you know, you can never have too many. The cute, green La Senza one Tita Tetch gave me is a bit too big because I don’t have boobage. I’m scared it’ll fall off. Idonotwantanothernippleexposureonthebeachagain, thank you very much. Eek.

Tampons. Here in the Philippines, tampons are like an urban legend. After two years of searching, I STILL have not set eyes on any. Watson’s, Mercury Drug… nada. The salespeople don’t even know what they are.


Me: Do you have Tampax or any kind of tampons here?

Saleslady: Thumbtacks?

Me: Tampax. Tampons.

Saleslady: Tambon?

Me: TAMPONS. Nevermind.

Gah. I wanted to slap her, honestly. I ain’t stupid enough to look for thumbtacks inside of Watson’s, dammit.

Internet connection. Delilah, my laptop, is tired of sitting at home doing nothing. maybe it’s time I give her broadband.  Yeah, I’ll get Internet after Caloy gets his PC set up. Am thinking of SmartBro. And yep, I should install Photoshop, so Caloy will stop nagging me to draw I can draw again (I still prefer sketchpad and charcoal pencils). And so I can edit photos.Yay.

Lonely Delilah. Has her bag packed and ready to go.

Lonely Delilah. Has her bag packed and ready to go.

Laptop Cooler. For Delilah. Especially if I get an Internet connection.

Raket, Raket. I go through articles faster these days and TBQH I am getting bored doing nothing all afternoon while waiting for teh boyfriend to finish work. Sure, there’s Friendster and Facebook and LOLdogs and blogsurfing, but I’d rather do something productive. Besides I don’t mind getting extra cash. Hee.

And yes, because I feel lonely since teh boyfriend is too busy with his part-time. “Para sa future natin yan,” he tells me.  I understand him, but can’t help but be afraid.

Hmm, yes, a raket sounds good. It’ll help fund my future:

Apartment. I am still determined to move out, no matter how much boyfriend and I argue about it. It’s an unwise decision, and I don’t think I’m financially-ready, but I’ve been  feeling restless these past few weeks. And so not-at-home at home. I want, WANT my own space. Anyway, my ideal location is somewhere still in Manila, where transpo to Ortigas is easily accessible. Oh, and it must be near Sampaloc and La Loma (so I can go home or go to my bf’s anytime I feel like it).

I’ll prolly end up somewhere in Tayuman. Sheesh. Or maybe the UST area.

Caloy will LOL when he reads this.


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