Chasing Ironies


Posted on: April 14, 2009


I didn’t mention you guys in that Facebook meme I did a few weeks ago.

You should have been there. If there’s anyone I would have wanted to say mushy words about, it would have been you guys.

Strange how time flies. When we were kids they couldn’t tear us away from each other. We’ll be playing, laughing, and having fun all day long. Whether we’re eating junk food, watching a stupid cartoon on TV, or running around in the sun (or even rain), it’ll be exhilarating. Days were never boring. Not with you.

Of course we fight. Over Barbie Dolls, and who gets to play which Power Ranger character. But we make up. That’s what friends do.

Our lives used to revolve around them. Hee.

Our lives used to revolve around them. Hee.

Ah. Those were the days.

But now. Now, they couldn’t bring us together anymore. I couldn’t even remember the last time we hung out. Things change. Our lives drifted apart.

I wish I can bring back those times.

Like those nights when we’d buy Cali (because we don’t want to get drunk) and hang out under dimmed street lights. We’d talk about dream jobs, dream guys, dream lives. How close are we to them now?

Or that time when we made buko pandan. Or crepes. Or pasta. Or that soggy cheesecake. Or the siomai, with the chunky paminta. We cook, and eat, and the adults would scold or praise us for our weird cuisine.

Even that silly night when you made me drink your “Bailey’s” concoction (made from Chocolait and Empi). I ended up nearly crawling back home and puking into the toilet half the night. Everytime I remember that, I STILL feel nauseous.

And yes, I remember our gimmick nights. Karaoke. Bar-hopping. Coffee at Starbucks. Watching a horror flick (which we laugh at all throughout anyway). Bubba Gump. Chef d’ Angelo. Cafe Breton.


And that memorable summer in Caliraya.

And remember that resto we planned to build? I still cling onto that. Of all the things we dreamed about that’s the one I would really love to see come true.

Anyway. I guess I just miss you. I miss us.

I remember you guys now.

madzWe talk during sleepovers, when they were already slumbering. We’d talk until morning. I remember running to your house when I was heartbroken. He was your friend, your barkada, too, but hey. You took my side. For you, I came first. I always did.


We were anime-obsessed. They never understood us, did they? Haha. Apart from that, I remember you being the nicest and the smartest of us four. And you were literally my first friend. I remember that photo of you pushing me in my stroller when we were babies. I still have it.

jeps1You were boyish when we were kids. You never wore skirts or sandals, and you had that bob cut. Now, you’re like a walking mannequin. That’s what America did to you. You were the first to leave. But you stayed close. And I am always thankful for that.

Yup, I remember a lot.

I’m not with you guys right now. I don’t know how you’re doing. We’re all busy. We all move within our lives. We don’t talk much.

But we really don’t need to. Even if we don’t see each other for a long, long time, I know you’re there. You’re just there.

We’re friends. Best friends.


Here’s to the three priti-est ladies I know. 🙂


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