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This girl’s second home

Posted on: April 17, 2009

I spent last Holy Week away from home. A first, since I always spend it with my family, going to Bisita Iglesia and hearing Mass. But I don’t feel like staying home, because 1) it’s hot, 2) it’s crowded, and not in a good way 3) I want to go to the beach. So when the boyfriend asked me if I would like to come with him to Alaminos, I said “YES!” without thinking twice.


To be honest, I’ve fallen completely in love with the place.


We spent Black Saturday at Bolinao, two hours away from Caloy’s hometown. And for the first time this summer, I got to see the beach. 🙂





It’s not just the beach or Alaminos that I’ve fallen in love with, though. I also fell in love with these people:


s63013312 Marian and Bechay: They would smile shyly at me, and would be ever so polite everytime I talk to them. They’re smart and sweet kids;  no wonder their tito adores them.


Wacky and Yana: They may be a bit too kulit and talkative, but they’re adorable. I had to laugh at Wacky everytime the waves crashed over him at Bolinao. I took him for a short piggy back ride, but I was afraid the waves would swallow us both, so I brought him back to the shore.


Ate Abel, Ate Mercy, Ate Luz, Ate Josie and Ate Weng: Amidst all the Pangalatok conversations, they would turn to me, and chat with me animatedly, in Tagalog. I will never tire of Ate Abel’s stories or Ate Weng’s cooking. 🙂

Kuya Mel and Kuya Joey (Mel and Joey? Hahaha.): They’re both awesome. I envy Caloy for having kuyas like them. And oh, I will never forget that Adobe-edited photo. 😀

LOL at this pic. Hahaha.

Oh, and their eldest brother and his wife (I forgot their names, huhu): they made room for us at their home, so we could sleep comfortably at night.

And of course, Tatay and Nanay: I would always be thankful for the way they treat me during my stays in Alaminos. I would  feel shy every time they introduce me to other people as their son’s girlfriend, but at the same time, I’d feel warm inside.  They’re good-natured, kind-hearted people. It’s no surprise Caloy’s the same.


The rest of the Ramirez/Ferrer family: Thank you. My time in Alaminos had been wonderful because of you. Even if the boyfriend and I don’t end up together, you’ll all be unforgettable.

Oh yes. Caloy: Despite the bag strap, the bikini-argument, and ATM mishap, I ♥ you.  Thanks for taking care of me the whole time we were there.

I didn’t spend time this Holy Week with my family, but I didn’t mind. I was in the company of another, one that’s just as loving and hospitable as mine.



I also miss this:

Kept Caloy and me preoccupied! Haha. :)

Kept Caloy and me preoccupied! Haha. 🙂


2 Responses to "This girl’s second home"

wow.. ngaun ko lang to nabasa… thank you so much for featuring my family in your blog.. I am really touched..


I am sorry for being inconsiderate all the time..
I am sorry for keeping my self busy for the raket.. it’s for my future and also for you..

I am sorry for the last few days we argue for nothing.. I just hate when you’re hating me.. or sabihin nating ayoko na naaasar ka.. ayoko na tumatahimik ka and di ako kinakausap..

I am sorry for being me..

I love you always..

Your family is awesome, Caloy. This one blog entry isn’t enough to say how much I appreciate them for being sooo nice to me. They didn’t treat me any differently than you did. 🙂

I’m sorry too, about the past few days. It’s hard not talking to you, but I kept my distance so we can both have time to cool our heads. We were both inconsiderate and tactless that night. It wasn’t just you.

You being busy all the time isn’t what’s bothering me. It’s all the stress you get because of it. I’m happy tho, that you think of me and our future. But please, don’t strain yourself too much. Hindi ko yun gusto.

I apologize for not talking to you. Ganun talaga ako. I think it’s better. Like I said, I can be very tactless. I thought if I kept my mouth shut, I can avoid hurting you.

And nope, you don’t have to be sorry for being you.

I love you too. Always.

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