Chasing Ironies

They say women can handle numerous emotions at one time.

Posted on: May 22, 2009

Today, I feel:

  • Disappointed. How come Ron Howard manages to screw up Dan Brown’s novels’ movie adaptations? He f*cked up the Da Vinci Code and now he ruined Angels and Demons (which, I enjoyed reading). He left out plenty of good parts. I didn’t even feel the clash between religion and science, which was the whole point of the story. Grrr.


And Vittoria? Fiery and full of spirit in the book. Mukhang extra sa film.

ate, sino ka nga pala uli?

ate, sino ka nga pala uli?

I should blame the writers. Walang justice.

At least maganda ang set. The Vatican prohibited them from shooting in the actual religious places, so nearly all the churches were “rebuilt” in studios. So, yes, that majestic St. Peter’s Basilica is indeed a fake.

Oh well. Buti nalang hot si Ewan McGregor. Yum yum!


fafa or father?

  • Pissed. Hayden Kho: FUCK YOU. Bastards like you should be burned alive. Or tossed to lions. Or both.


At least, totoo yung song. You’ll never gonna dance again. Hahaha.

I hope they take away your license, you prick.

And oh, your shlong is teensy.

*I pity Katrina Halili, really. But that’s karma. Hope she learned her lesson not to sleep with guys who walk around rooms with their shlongs hanging out.

  • Hungry. I can haz frozen yogurt? I crave it again. Had it at Shang last week, with raspberries. Want to have it with blueberries and cheese this time.
  • Satisfied. I loved Star Trek. I’m no trekkie, but the film was made of awesomeness. Story, effects, characters, everything. I am now tempted to find DVDs of the old series. Maybe it’s not too late to become a fan.


Oh, btw, I am now in love with Chris Pine.


  • Creative. Gusto ko naaa mag-flats. I love playing around with Photoshop. I hope the boyfriend finishes those linearts soon. *Impatient*
  • Ecstatic. I am excited for next weekend. Not only are we going to see Up, but we’re also going to Alaminos, yey. Vacayshun! Can I fast forward the days? Maybe I can sleep through them. ZzzzzZzzzzzZZzzzzZz.
  • Loved. I don’t think any man’s been patient with me like Caloy is, given the past arguments we had. I’m extremely moody. I will lash out at him one moment, be very malambing the next, then not say a word after. He copes with all my moods. And I’m grateful for that.

Here’s a kiss for the greatest boyfriend in the world.



  • Nostalgic. Video Killed the Radio Star by Presidents of The United States of America had been on loop all day. New wave given justice–tho I still love the Buggles’ version.

Most of all, I feel

  • Lustful. I am in heat. Caloy, whereareyou? ♥


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