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10 Realizations during a 4-day Vacayshun

Posted on: June 4, 2009

We left for Alaminos last Friday and came back this Tuesday. I brought home some Alaminos longganisa, plenty of photos and these thoughts.

10. When everyone is speaking in Pangalatok around you, and you can’t understand a single word, you can’t help but feel a bit out of place. And out of sorts. The boyfriend cheered me up and told me not to feel bad. Anyway if things work out, I might end up speaking (or, at least, understanding) the language. LOL.

If things work out, I'll understand everything they talk about. Hee.

If things work out, I'll understand everything they talk about. Hee.

9. Caloy looked so darn cute when he was a kid. I’ll post pictures as soon as I get my hands on them, har har! πŸ™‚

8. Little kitties aren’t so bad after all. I’ve been a dog lover all my life, but after playing with Caloy’s family’s pet kitty Tisay, I found a new liking for kitties.

She's deaf, but she's a LOLcat.

She's deaf, but she's a LOLcat.

I wonder if Choi-choi will mind if I bring one home.

"Pusa ba yan, Ate Lein??? PUSA??"

"Pusa ba yan, Ate Lein??? PUSA??"

7. If you let me live in Alaminos, I will become a blimp. Srsly. We eat every few hours, and the food is sooo darn good. Pancit malabon, sinigang, salad, crabs, shrimp, mussels, that sweet dessert I had at Kuya Ciano’s party… Mmmm, heaven. Lutongbahay is really the best.

6. I could eat foods I don’t like after all. One is papaitan. It tastes, well, good. But only when cooked the Ferrer family way. I don’t eat lamang loob, but the boyfriend was sweet enough to fish out bits of beef. I found it yummy. The same goes for bagoong and dayap. I don’t like bagoong much (except when it’s paired with manggang hilaw), but Nanay urged me to try it. I did, and I loved it. Caloy told me they call it “Padas”. Squeeze some sweet-smelling dayap over it, and you have the perfect dip for daing na bangus. Mmmm. Nangangasim na ko.

5. Frogs scare the living sh*t out of me. I was about to freshen up when I saw a big bullfrog leaping… Gah. I freaked out. So much for trying to be a probinsyana. LOL.



4. I find it gratifying and heartwarming when the boyfriend’s nephews and nieces call me “tita”. Even though I’m not. Not yet. πŸ˜‰

They're sweet kids. :)

They're sweet kids. πŸ™‚

3. The Hundred Islands is wonderful. The boyfriend told me that it wanted to surprise me, reason why I had to wait so long before I can see it (I know he was kidding). But yes, it did surprise me. In a very good way. I was so bitin when the boat sailed back to shore.


2. I want to be with Caloy. Although we won’t be rushing off to get married anytime soon. LOL. The right time for that will come. Right now, what we can do is wait and enjoy being with each other. And love, love, love.


1. I am so coming back. πŸ˜‰


2 Responses to "10 Realizations during a 4-day Vacayshun"

hahaha.. salamats :-* sa pag feature sa buong pamilya ko.. anyways, ngaun ko lang din nalaman na cute pala ako nung bata.. hahahaha… love you..mwaah

Hahaha, flattered ka naman! Scan mo na, tapos send mo sakin para malagay ko na dito. Hehehe. Love you too. mwahh. :-*

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