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Posted on: August 13, 2009

This just broke my heart.

Hachi is an Akita owned by a Japanese Professor. Every morning, he would watch his master leave for work from the front door, then wait for him at the train station when he comes home. One night, the professor was not on the train–he had suffered a stroke and never made it home.

For 10 years, Hachi continued to wait for him, every night at the train station, until his own death.

This dog’s loyalty amazes me. I’m watching this movie, even if it means I’ll be crying my eyes out in the moviehouse. Trailer pa lang, naiiyak na ko, hehehe.

You can watch the English trailer here.


I loved Darla in “The Little Rascals” movie.  She was the love interest of Alfalfa. I find her sooo adorable and sweet looking. 🙂




The girl who played the part is Brittany Ashton Holmes. When the movie was released in 1994, she was only five years old. I did some web surfing, wondering how she looks now.

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Ever since we saw the flying house tied to balloons almost a year ago, the boyfriend and I have anticipated Disney-Pixar’s movie, Up. We even planned to push our trip to Alaminos by a few hours so we can watch the first screening on May 29. Much to our dismay, the movie was released all over the world, but not here. WTF.


Carl Fredricksen tied hundreds of balloons to his house to make it fly to South America.

Carl Fredricksen tied hundreds of balloons to his house to make it fly to South America, a promise he made to his late wife Ellie.

When we came back from the province, we were both dying to watch the movie. Especially because some friends have raved about seeing it online already. Thanks to pirated DVDs, we got to watch it. Hee. Malabo, pero pwede na. That’s how addicted we are to the movie.

The verdict? The movie was excellent. Our long wait was worth it.

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Kung ikaw yan at ang crushness mo, mamahalin mo rin ang ulan. LOL. 😛

So, hello rainy season. 🙂

*clip from the Korean film, The Classic. I looove this movie.

Today, I feel:

  • Disappointed. How come Ron Howard manages to screw up Dan Brown’s novels’ movie adaptations? He f*cked up the Da Vinci Code and now he ruined Angels and Demons (which, I enjoyed reading). He left out plenty of good parts. I didn’t even feel the clash between religion and science, which was the whole point of the story. Grrr.

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Up naaa!

Posted on: May 21, 2009

I cannot wait to see Disney Pixar’s Up.

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(Been meaning to post this on Monday, but had to do things. Loooooooooooser.)

  • Watched Watchmen last Friday. Long. Bloody. Gruesome. Good in my opinion, even though critics say it missed the good points of the comics (giant squid, eh?). Now I don’t know if I’m lucky or not to not have read the comics. Caloy gave me a softcopy; will finish reading it later, and make my own comparison.


  • I liked Rorschach and his morphing inkblot face. He shouldn’t have died. I also liked The Comedian.

You asshole! You were awesome, though.

  • Dr. Manhattan is mildly interesting, but because his willie is like, dangling, for at least 3/4 of the movie, I had to laugh at him instead.


  • Goodbye, Master Rapper: The only sad note during this weekend: Francis Magalona, The King of Pinoy Rap, passed away due to acute myeloid leukemia.

Your legacy will continue, FrancisM. Mahal ka ng noypi.

Sadness. 😦



  • Eheads Live! The Final Set. We didn’t see the first reunion concert, but we promised that if a second one happens, we won’t miss it for the world. And we didn’t. Read the rest of this entry »